A furry takeoff of the Japanese OAV.  Mirandora levitates in the middle of the picture with her legs pulled up and arms outstretched.  A pet monster sits on her left shoulder and a purple harpy on the right.  In the background her boyfriend swings a long pole with a demon skull on one end.  The entire scene is bordered by a pair of fanciful green serpent creatures around a background of stars.
A white furred female Datali (fox like alien with a prehensile tail) in a green shirt and panties crouched down to pat her do while her other purple alien pet looks on jealously.
A red kangaroo bats her eyes at you.
A snow leopardess in a small denum skirt sits on the edge of a pool table.  Looking seductively at you through long white locks she leans foward on one hand while the other undoes a button on her tight peach halter top.
A female jerboa snuggles with her skunk boy friend as they stroll along a park sidewalk.
Cleo sits on the edge of a bed with her hands in her lap while Leonard kneels hehind her and massages her shoulders.   From the story PUPPY LOVE. Characters © Richard Brooks.
A female red panda with flowing blonde hair smiles at the viewer. She is dressed for the tropics in matching floral print front-tie halter and knee length skirt. A long lea of blue and yellow flowers reaches her waste and a flowered wreath sits on her head. The panda’’s right hand is easing the strap from her shoulder as the other tugs at the hip knot of the skirt. A stand of bamboo sways in the background.
A macro red wolf morph holds a fist full of hapless victims high above his gaping, hungry jaws.  Rogue © his player.
A flutter-ferret hovering next to a Christmas tree looks up at the viewer from admiring at it's own reflection in a yellow ornament.  The ferret has a grey mask and back fur with white on the hind feet, belly and face.  Its' translucent dragonfly wings are bright orange.
A tan cat with light grey brown stripes sits in bed with a couple pink pillows propped between herself and the wall.  Her left toes just touch the floor and her right leg is crossed to support her book.  Her right arm is held in a contemplative pose as her green eyes study the text through a pair of large glasses.  She is wearing a long sleeve shirt closed with just one button.  The book?  The CAT MA SUTRA: The Ancient Art Of Pussy Love.
A male American Bison poses for a sepia tone studio picture holding his favorite high power hunting rifle.  He is dressed as a late 19th century hunter/tracker with buckskin jacket over a checkered shirt and vest.  His bare digitigrade hoofed feet stand on the wooden studio floor in front of a painted backdrop.
A male mouse and a male drouse (half dragon/half mouse) cower inside their cage as their capor (a grey furred female lynx) pears in through the open door in the top of the cage and licks her lips.  All are nude but modest.  Characters © Draco
Mirandora (bobcat) looking cute, sitting on the floor in a purple leotard and talking on the phone.  Mirandora © Dean Norton.
Cassie gets another concert off to start with her trademark of kicking her shoes into the audience.  This time it's her left shoe going sailing in a cross body kick while she plays an electric guitar.  Cassie is a red vixen with white on her cheeks, chest, thighs and tail tip.  Her lower arms and hands are black as is her long hair.  Her blue eyes match her low cut , side slitted dress and gartered stockings.  The black choker about her neck holds a large blue jewel.   Stage lighting highlights her fur and costume in green and red.    Cassie© Earl Bacon.
A gray and tan bunny poised in the starting position on a race track looks at you over her shoulder.  She is wearing green running shorts and an orange crop top hanging open enough to see she has no bra.  A pink band holds back her blonde hair and matching wrappings go around her bare feet and ankles.  3/4 rear shot.
Celeste, a bespecled cougaress sit on the ground in a matching blue halter and skirt set.  The bottom of her bare feet are held together and she is scratching the chest of her pet albino flutter ferret, Ali who is sitting atop them.
Chakat Goldfur stretches hir entire six limbed body.  Shi is bowed almost in a circle from hir black tipped tail, across hir arched lower body and up hir voluptuous, turned upper torso and right arm raised above hir yawning cougar like head.  Golden green eyes look behind and long golden trusses stream down from hir head.  Hir pelt is a golden brown with creamy under markings.  Goldfur wears only a light blue halter top with darker trim and reddish brown laces crisscrossing hir chest.  Goldfur © Bernard Doove.
A female raccoon warrior in peasant garb and various bits of armor holds a crossbow at the ready against a snowy background.
A grey furred lynx sits on a red cushion in a bay window with her left leg tucked under.  Her golden eyes scan the landscape outside.  The white mouse sitting in her cupped hands also enjoys the view.  The upper portion of the window is decorated in cut and stained glass with a cross as the centerpiece.  The barefoot lynx wears a ruffled yellow dress, gold bracelet and pendant.
The black furred jackal Fahqad'zir gives the high sign to docking control through the window of his cockpit as he maneuvers his space freighter into port.  A grey lynx sits the second seat beside him.  Fahd is dressed in green shorts and a tank top.  The lynx wears a short sleave jacket and visor with <RUNE> written on it.  The view is from outside the ship looking in.  Read-outs can be seen reflected on their HUD displays and the door is open to the ships hallway.
The Skip sits bear chested typing away at a Computer.  Shan stands behind in an open (but modest) green robe.  Her hands are on his shoulders and a look of suprise on her face as she reads the screen.  From the story FUZZY LOGIC. Characters © Brian Miller.
Shamira has been baking with the help (?) of her young daughter Jasmine.  The kitchen is a mess with flower, eggs and cookie dough smeared on the floor, counters and the two skunks.  But boy do those cookies ever look yummy.  Dressed in a pink apron, jeans and striped shirt the blonde Shamira stands smiling at her raven haired daughter and holding one side of the cookie plate.  Smiling back Jasmine sits on the counter top in a hot pink jumper holding the cookies with her right paw.  Her left hand rests atop her mothers on the counter.  An over-done pan sits smoldering on top of the oven.  Characters © Reto Roth.
Dressed in a blue tunic and green leggings a human dances before a roaring camp fire in a forest clearing with a female chinchilla.  She wears a long lavender skirt, orange tunic and silver trimmed blue collar.  Moon light plays off her brown fur and silver hair.  Her blue eyes are locked on her masters'.  To one side a female rabbit sits on a blanket covered stump.  She has grey fur, white hair, green eyes and is wearing a purple dress with a reddish brown apron belted over it and a collar matching the chinchilla's.  Her right hand rests on her identically colored daughter's shoulder.  The rabbit maiden is dressed in a vest covered tan blouse, green skirt and red sash.  Wild flowers are held loosely in her right hand.  The chinchilla's younger daughter is leaning with one knee on the stump and her head on the rabbit's shoulder.  She wears a long pink shift and holds the rabbit's left hand as she is hugged about the waste.  The girls are both barefoot and all three look on the dancers with adoring eyes.
Female red fox with white hair.  She is wearing a purple harem top, skirt and boots with green cape and gold arm bands.  Her expression is happy as she prepares to draw her scimitar from its sheath.
A cheetah-taur uses his full length to stretch up a short cliff and reach into a birds nest to snatch some eggs.  A pair of birds hover over the nest protesting this move.  An already egg filled sack hangs from a wide girdle around the 'taur lower chest and he sports decorative bands on his upper right arm and tail.
Shan has a bad case of cabin fever.  Her ears are down, claws out and teeth exposed in a fierce snarl.  She is wearing a yellow trimmed mid-thigh green dress with short puff sleeves.  Skip, the target of her fury stands with his back to the viewed.  His arms are thrown wide in resignation.    From the story FUZZY LOGIC. Characters © Brian Miller.
Dressed in a sparkling green dress with heart clasp at the throat and long green gloves Sydney Fisher sits on a piano, singing.  She holds a microphone in her right hand and rests on her left.  Her adopted caracal brother Cairn is wearing a white tux and playing the piano.    Characters © Mark Merlino
Sydney Fisher lies on her stomach looking up at the viewer from the edge of a pond while she rubs a trout's belly with one hand.  She is dressed in a pullover buck skin shirt and a necklace of beads and feathers.    Sydney Fisher © Mark Merlino.
A non-morphic ferret with dragon-fly wings hovers, eyeing berries growing on a branch.
Tanj sits on the corner of a bed as her living dress spreads itself over her voluptuous body. It is still in the process of forming the shape she wants so much of her spotted cheetah form can be seen through large holes in the dress. Her long blonde hair falls down her back as she looks behind her at one alien tendril wrapping itself around her tail. The plastic box in which the creature resides is held high in her left hand. The cover is on the green bed spread by her right hand. Other than the dress Tanj wears only a studded leather slave collar.    Tanj© Kittiara.
A female cougar.  Brown hair, golden eyes with glasses, gold hoop ear rings and wearing lights blue shorts over a tight dark blue swim suite.  She is pouring milk into her mouth from an upturned gallon jug.  Much of it is running down her chin and ample chest.
A primitive Datali princess crawls along a vine draped jungle tree branch.  She is wearing a tattered leather loin cloth and various bits odd bead jewelry.  In her left hand she clutches a pair of spears.    Datali © Charles Gray.
A digitigrade, four breasted mouse reaches above her blond head to hit a volley ball.  She is wearing a one piece green swim suit in this beach scene.
Sydney Fisher, still clad in her Ait Canada pilot's uniform grips her husband Ken Cougar around the waste with her left arm and pulls his glasses off with her right hand.  He is wearing a pair of red shorts.    Sydney © Mark Merlino.    Ken © Ken Sample.
A jedi lion stripped to just billowing green pants and a rune covered kilt leaps into battle with his golden lightsaber rised high and at the ready.  Two fighters duke it out in the sky past the ailien temple he is leaping from.
Rogue, a 90' tall red wolf morph, is having fun terrorizing Victomville.  Here he is seen raising a foot to make a second strike at a truck of Sheriff Deputies while leaning a hand on a water tower.    Rogue © his player.
The pharaoh Osiris relaxes on his thrown toying with a goat hair beard.  The stripped hyena has left his crown propped on the throne's back and is wearing just a yellow and purple skirt and sash along with a few pieces of jewelry.  The blue ankh tattooed on his chest is quite permanent.  Character ©  Karl Kratt.
A recruiting poster showing Sydney Fisher from the waste up in a tight short sleeve tan millitary shirt and green field cap.  She is pointing directly at the viewer with the words I WANT YOU above and TO JOIN THE FURRY FORCES below her.    Sydney © Mark Merlino.
A giant anthro cat girl stands on a white sand beach using a palm tree as a back scratcher.  She wears clothes made from tattered cloth (perhaps an old canvas sail?) that barely keep her decent.  Most of her gold and tan fur is open to the elments.  Her green eyes look into the jungle behind her as a small sailboat passes in he background.    Jenora © Bryan Feir
Cleo lays on her belly in bed wearing a blue skirt and greem sash.  Leonard kneels on the floor behind her, naked (nothing showing).  Her tail tickles under his chin as he rubs her foot.    From the story PUPPY LOVE. Characters © Richard Brooks.
A female jaguar lies mostly submerged in shallow water surounded by lillypads and reeds.  Her head rests against left hand as she sticks her tongue out at the viewer.  A bit of her rear sticks out of the water and her tail rises over her back dripping water.
A group of carolers wearing Victorian garb sing on a snowy night.  From left to right are a diminutive wolf girl, a round cheeked hare, a snow leopardess and a male raccoon.  Behind the group a flutter ferret with a green scarf tied about his neck clings to a gas street light pole and joins in.
A pink furred raccoon girl stalks bearfoot through the grass with a large butterfly net.  She is wearing a t-shirt and bib-coveralls.
My furry persona stands in the center of this picture flanked on one side my ConFURence mascot Sydney Fisher (in a green dress and carrying a black book and ConFURence tote-bag) and on the other the cougar/vixen character used to advertise Midwest FurFest 2000.  This picture was originally drawn for the 2000 Worldcon Furry Party.  What I am pointing up to is the party location.    Sydney © Mark Merlino.    (?) © Scribblefox
From the mock anime series FUR FORCE Sydney Fisher in 'gownless evening strap' outfit is the MASKED FISHER.  Strategically placed cutouts on her leggings and top match the heart shape on top of her magical wand.    Sydney © Mark Merlino.
A cute version of Celeste the cougar in a grey pinstripe suit/dress.  She hold a Thompson machine gun to her ample chest and looks at it lovingly through large roud tortise shell glasses.
A green eyed red squirrel in yellow sweater and grey skirt has grabbed the startled mink postman by the arm and is dragging him through her apartment door. Her roommates are not at all disappointed in her catch.  In the chair to the left is a blonde white furred mouse girl wearing a  red t-shirt and off-white knee pants.  She quickly covers the mouthpiece on the phone as her pink eyes look up from behind large tortoise shell glasses.  To the right a tan bunny girl with light grey hair and brown eyes has been curled up on the couch reading a book.  She is wearing a green tank top, blue shorts and a bracelet of blue beads. She smiles a greeting as she looks up into the mink's blue eyes.
Leonard, a grey furred canid in flowered yellow shorts leans against a post on his front porch watching Cleo.  She is a golden furred cat with cinnamon stripes and brown hair dressed in a blue skirt with green sash and neck-cloth.  She is leaning against the porch rail, eyes closed, as she smells a flower.    From the story PUPPY LOVE. Characters © Richard Brooks.
A white haired Mirandora in purple boots and fur-tight jump suit unzipped to her navel.  In her right hand is a motorcycle helmet and in her left a gun.    Mirandora © Dean Norton.
A small wave crashes around this otter fems legs as she walks ashore away from the setting sun holding a fish in her left hand and a spear-gun in her right.  She is wearing a very small blue bikini held together with a complex series of strings.
A be speckled elder rabbit in green tricornered hat, jacket and breaches with yellow leggings holds a flag pole bearing the paws and stripes firmly anchored in the ground as two other furs rush into battle before him.  In the foreground a martin in Continental Army uniform brandishes his weapon at the enemy with bayonet set.  Beyond him a blonde mouse militiaman had already fired and now wields his flintlock rifle as a club and heads down the hill.  He wears an open tan vest over a white frill shirt and brown breaches.  All are barefoot.
Chimi the slave mouse girl stands on delicate bare toes in the palace garden cutting a small basket of roses for her mistress.
A blonde green eyes skunk runs along the beach carrying his jerboa girlfriend in his back.  He holds her legs, sticking out in front of him, while her arm are wrapped about his shoulders hugging him tight.  He wears blue trunks with red racing stripes and she a green bikini.
Abakan, a male red squirrel wearing green swimming trunks stands in the shallow end of a swimming pool and holds his hands up protectively.  He is being splashed by a grey mouse fem with long fiery blond hair in a small green bikini  Behind them Shamira, a blond female skunk in a blue one-piece with large cut outs, sits on the edge of the pool talking to a large golden furred bunny in a hot pink two-piece.    Abakan and Shamira © Reto Roth.
A white rabbit in a pink and purple tux with white pants stands with his back against Sydney Fisher.  He is just tall enough that his head is wedged between her breasts.  Sydney is wearing a lacy green dress and hat.  Her left hand holds the rabbit in place against her as she skritches his chin with her right index finger.  The are both loking at each other.   Sydney © Mark Merlino.
A raccoon fem lies on her stomach across a rock sticking out of a lake.  She is leaning on her crossed arms facing the viewer but looking to her left.  Her tail curls over her back and her legs are in the water.  Nude but modest.
Susan, the female raccoon from TEAM SPORTS in the comic Wild Kingdom #11 sits on a gym bench.  A pink towel draped around her neck covers her breasts.  Otherwise she is clad only in a pink
A coyote girl wearing a small yellow bikini leans back into the spray of a public shower to clean a day's accumulation of salt and sand from her hair.  The price one pays for a day at the beach.  A companion piece to SALTY FUR.
A brown haired blue eyed human woman recently transformed into a mermaid sits at waters edge in a marine park show stage.  She is wearing a long sleeve orange blouse and her newly acquired fish tail is still partly encased in a split pair of jeans.  Roxie the sea lion eyes the new comer as she pulls I.D. from her purse.
Rogue lounges on his side and uses one giant paw to scoop three smaller furries from a swimming pool.    Rogue © his player.
The two characters (A female fox morf and a human male) from Brian Millers story FUZZY LOGIC walk along the edge of a forest road toward the viewer.  They are dressed in hiking clothes and are holding hands and glancing at each other.    Characters © Brian Miller.
Sydney Fisher, gun fighter. Sydney is dressed in boots, jeans and green button up shirt.  Her purple vest is unbuttoned and a pink bandanna hangs about her neck.  She holds her brown slicker open and away from the holster tied to her left hip as she fires her six-shooter off screen.  Ear holes have been cut in the flat brimmed hat on her head. Profile pose.    Sydney Fisher © Mark Merlino.
A brown and grey wolf morph sits in the pilot's seat of an orbiting space shuttle programming the computer.  Nearby a lightly striped grey digitigrade cat morph floats behind the empty commander's chair steadying herself with her left hand on the head rest.  A data tablet is held in her right hand but her attention is on the wolf.  The shuttle cockpit is a derivative of NASA's new 'glass cockpit' but the hatch under the center console clearly marks this as another vehicle.  A variation of this picture titled SHUTTLE-R can be found in my ADULT PRINTS.
Head and shoulders shot of a female jaguar with wet black hair falling across the right side of her face. She wears a green and blue pendant about her neck, a green stud in her left ear and a gold ring with green bead in her right nostril.
A female skunk rests against the trunk of a tree.  Blue-green eyes, white hair.  She is unclothed but her long fluffy fur provides all the modesty she needs.    Shy-Jin © her player.
The same skunk in a standing position.  She is wearing an orange halter top and cut-off jean.  Her loosely braided hair falls over her right shoulder.    Shy-Jin © her player.
A blonde-haired skunk in a tiny green bikini lays on the ground looking back at you.  Both her feet and tail are raised but somehow it doesn't seam like a threat.
A blonde, blue eyed female skunk kneels in the wet sand at waters edge.  She looks at the viewer with right hand on her hip and her left hand on her head.  She is wearing a red string bikini and an anklet.
A giant non-morphic coyote (Snirf) looms over a fallen fox morph dressed in white pants and a blue shirt.  The fox is desperately trying to scramble away but Snirf's jaws are gaping open and hungry.  Can the fox get away?  Not likely.    Snirf © Karsten Auchter.
A male leopard in green loin cloth stands with one foot in a jungle river.  His left hand holds a net filled with fish while he raises a two pronged fishing spear in his right hand.
The left foot of a tiger macro is about to flatten three innocent furs.  A gray tailed fox makes a valiant effort to hold back the foot while a cat wraps his arms around a female rabbit hoping to pull her free.  Her ankle is already pined under the tiger's heal however and there is no escape.  (See Adult Prints for the sequel.)
A squirrel fem sits with her left leg curled under her on a wood crate smiling at the starry sky.  Her right hand is on her leg and her left loosely holds a telescope on a tripod next to her.  She wears a sleeveless pink top, cut-off shorts, glasses and an ankle chain.
Fahd lays proped up in bed watching the stars go by his cabin window.  The black jackal is nude but his lower half us under the sheets.
Fahqad'zir, an all black jackal, strides bare footed through the short personnel access tube connecting the closed door of his freight hauler to the space liner it is currently docked to. Work done for the moment he is headed out for a night on the town. Fahd is dressed in maroon trimmed olive green shorts with cargo pockets and a somewhat matching single strap crop-top. Wide gold bands wrap around his right upper arm and left ankle. He wears a watch on his right wrist and carries a port access card in his left hand. Other than the yellow highlights in his fur from the tube's lighting the only color apparent on his body is a bit of red inside Fahd's smiling mouth.
A mouse wearing a red cape and purple slouch hat with a feather sticking out uses his sword to hold off a dragon fly perched on a mushroom.
A tiger macro in blue shorts walks down a city mall leaving a bloody path of destruction as he crushes smaller furs under his huge feet.  Their remains can be seen filling his footprints as dozens of others run for cover.  Lots of detail.
The cover for Rowrbrazzle #54.  Five furs ride the Brazzle Dazzle roller coaster at Elias Acres.  The young cougar girl in front is sporting a pair of Herman the Human ears.  Her mother has her eyes tightly shut.  Behind them is a vixen/wolf couple and a bear in the back seat.
Chimi the mouse servant straddles a rail in a palace window watching the desert sunset beyond the domes and minaret of the city. She is dressed in her normal red halter top and harem pants. The jewel on her slave colar sparkling in the fading light
A blonde, blue eyed otteress uses her hands to brace against a sea side rock face as a wave rushes up from behind. Billowing up between her legs it breaks against the cliff spraying her front with foam. She has her smiling face turned to the viewer. Nude but modest.
Standing in profile Sydney Fisher turns her head to smile at the viewer while holding a camcorder in her right hand.  She is wearing a pink t-shirt and tight jeans.  Her left hand rests on a green fanny pack at her hip.     Sydney © Mark Merlino.
Sydney Fisher stands with her left hand resting on the face of a small monolith.  She is wearing a green space suit from the movie, the helmet tucked under her right arm.  A lizard sits on a nearby rock watching her and the fading sunset.  A large crescent moon hangs in the sky at the top of the monolith.    Sydney © Mark Merlino.
A close-u (mid-chest and up) of ConFURence mascot Sydney Fisher singing into a hand held microphone.  She is wearing a light green choker with ruffled pink edges and matching spaghetti dress straps.  Purple background.     Sydney © Mark Merlino.
One of the themes at ConFURence 10 was rabbits so Sydney Fisher has strappen on a bunny tail, ears and a cute pink muzzle.    Sydney © Mark Merlino.
Shamira the skunk practices her belly dancing in the kitchen table.  Her costume consists of a beaded sash with coin belt, modesty panel and ankle length gauze skirt, a jeweled halter and hooded veil. Each arm sports a gold band and red and green bracelets.  She has a pair of finger symbols in each hand, a gold anklet and rings on her navel and nose.  The drapes have been left open and a neighbor peeks out from behind a curtain.    Shamira© Reto Roth.
Celeste practicing tai-chi in a park.  She wears a blue silk outfit and holds a black fan decorated with a pair of painted flutter ferrets.  Her own pet albino flutter ferret clings to her shoulder and tries to figure out what is going on.  Her normally long hair is pinned up with a fancy pair chop sticks.
Princess Kaliisha writhes in laughter on a bed in the tent of her lover. The striped hyena is holding her legs in his lap with one hand as the other tickles the vixen’s foot with a feather. A camel has stuck it’s head through the tent flap to se what all the noise is.
A golden furred cougar/fox (?) mixture looks over her shoulder as she walks away from the viewer.  A rat and fox tail have inexplicably sprouted to join the cat tail hanging below her split skirt.
A golden haired ermine clasps the straps of her untied bikini top above her ample chest with one hand. The other swings a rolled up towel at the viewer.
ConFURence mascot Sydney Fisher in a 1940s movie usher uniform.  Purple pants and red jacket.  The top of the matching pill-box hat sports a paw print.  A flashlight is held in her white gloved hands.   Sydney © Mark Merlino.
An alluring female tabby posses in full plate armor.  Sans helmet.  She is balanced on her left foot as the right curls around the blade of her two handed sword.  The armored gloves gripping the sword sport red claws.  A blue jewel hangs between her eyes from a gold chain head piece.  Her green eyes match the ribbon binding her brown pony tail and the padding beneath her armor.  The armor itself is decorated with pink paw prints matching the red emblem on the yellow banner behind her.
A female tiger sits on a couch looking out the periscope window of her lunar home at Earth hanging in the black sky above the moonscape.  Her short sleeve green robe is opened enough to show off a generous amount of cleavage.
A flutter ferret clings to a back yard feeder spilling some of its' contents to the complaint of a hovering humming bird.
A flutter ferret perches atop a wooden display cabinet clutching a woman's watch in its' jaws.
The dragon Trissana and her rider Trevor relax on a large blanket after their ride.  Characters © John Pepper
3 X 3 EYES
SYDNEY: 2001
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