A giant revese pattern female skunk, Maxine Knight, is having destructive fun at an airport.  She is seen running toward the viewer chasing a National Guard helicopter that was sent to stop her.  A second 'copter that got too close is cluched in her left hand.  Her left foot had just crushed the center of an airliner and in the background another is on it's side and burning.    Maxine © Richard Sokolnicki.
A male skunk with blonde hair, green eyes and erect penis kneels next to his jerboa girl friend.   She is on hands and knees looking back under her body at what he is doing.  What he is doing is using his left hand to play with her pussy.  His right is gripped around the base of her tail and holds a small jar. A green segmented butt plug sits on the ground between her legs and the ring dangling from a string coming from between his fingers shows she has some toy in her vagina already. The jerboa has gray fur, blue eyes, tan head hair and wears a red heart shaped pendant.
A giant cougar fem lies on her back in a bus station parking lot moaning in pleasure.  Her right hand has knocked down the doors to the glass walled station.  With her left hand she is pleasuring herself with one of the busses.  A crushed bus lies at her feet.
A female dingo stands at the helm of a sailing ship looking up at you with beautiful green eyes.  She waers a wide brimed felt hat with leather accents, a beaded choker and white fishnet top that supports but does nothing to conseal her full breasts underneath.  He brown nipples poke free looking for attention.
A 90 foot tall nude red wolf stomps down a residential street clutching a couple victims in his right paw.  Rogues tongue hangs hungrily from his grinning mouth and a pair of piercing yellow eyes stare down at the viewer.  His left foot is raised and ready to stomp you flat.     Rogue © his player.
This green eyed mouse with flowing blond hair took a bit too much of her boy friend's growth formula and busted right through the wall of the research lab behind her.  She now stands at 150' of glorious nude fur.  A crushed car in under her right foot and her human boyfriend stands in her right hand.     Nikki © Richard Sokolnicki.
A grey and white mouse gir reclines atop the twisting branches of a most interesting plant.  While its wide green branches suport her thin purple tendrils play with her body.  Wrapping around a niple,  Teasing her clit.  She holds one to her mouth to taste it's dripping juices.  Her own juices drip from a tendril recently withdrawn from her widely splayed sex.  Though it is unlikely to stay out for long.
A three pose nude character sheet of a female skunk.  She has a reverse fur pattern.  She is predominantly white with a wide black stripe running from her pink nose, up her forehead, down her back to the tip of her tail.  She also has black boots and gloves extending down from knee and elbows.  Her waste long hair is raven black and her eyes dark blue.     Brenda © Richard Sokolnicki.
A tiger/vixen mix, this green eyed beauty has long flowing golden blonde head hair.  Her luscious body is that of a red fox morph but a pattern of tiger stripe markings in her fur shows their is more to her background.  A three pose nude character study.     Britney © Richard Sokolnicki.
Princess Kaliisha's mouse servant sits in a recessed seat at the edge of the palace baths pleasuring herself.  Her left hand fondles her right breast as two fingers of her right hand make their way into her pussy.  Save for a purple slave collar with a large blue jewel and a gold hair ring Chimi is nude.  Her eyes are shut and her mouth open in a wide smile.
Wearing only her purple slave collar and a gold hair ring Chimi dances in a large tiled hall in the palace.  She is on the toes of her left foot, back arched, arms above her head exposing all her charms to anyone caring to watch.
An ocelot girl with large, slightly steamed up, glasses over her light green eyes helps a vixen get cleaned up in a shower. The blonde vixen with bright green eyes supports herself with her left hand against the shower wall while grabbing the ocelot’s wrist with the other and smiling over her shoulder. Standing behind the vixen the ocelot is rubbing a soapy sponge over her right hip as the other hand reaches around with the shower head to spray the vixen’s crotch. The vixen has rope burns on her upper arms and lower legs. Both wear slave collars with a ring in front. The vixen’s is gold, the ocelot’s green.
A skunk girl in crotchless pink harem pants and jewelry sits on the edge a a fountain using a cloth to clean between the legs of a calico cat knealing beside her with rump and tail raised for easy access.  The cat wears a veil and other matching diaphanous bit of material that do nothing to hide her body.  The pair of exhaused looking green tentacles lay intribute to recently past fun.  Only one still has the energy to wrap around one of the skunk's full breasts.
A female warrior badger uses her long sword to demonstrate the true meaning of the word.  She wears a low cut green top, leather girdle, brown skirt and light blue leg wrappings.  The shield of the wolf kneeling before her wearing a ring-mail vest, leather skirt and helmet has not stopped her from chopping of his right arm just below the shoulder.   Never get a badger mad!
The human, Skip, lies nude in bed on his back propped against a pillow.  His right hand holds the back of the vixen Shan's head as it rests on his chest.  She is cuddled up to his right side, her right leg thrown over his.  She gazes lovingly into his eyes while stroking his erection with her right hand.    From the story FUZZY LOGIC. Characters © Brian Miller.
Head and upper torso shot of a giant blonde, blue eyed raccoon morph licking the head of a male jaguar/cougar mix nestled in her cleavage.  Her crossed arms just below her large breasts help hold him in place.  Not that he is in a hurry to go any place.  His hands are clasped behind his neck as he look up at the raccoon.  His tongue lolls from his mouth and his penis is clearly visible.
The skunk and calico harem girls turn to each other for fun.  The skunk crawling atop the cat for a bit of 69 action.  A mass of tentacles want in on the action too.  Two are penetrating the skunk.  Her pussy juices spraying around one while she is licked by the loving kitty.
Dressed in a french maid costume a blonde skunk looks over her left shoulder and smiles at the viewer.  The costume is translucent green with a yellow apron in front and is trimmed with pink and red lace.  She has a matching choker about her neck, a lace head band, a garter on her left thigh and a blue feather duster in her left hand.  A large pink bow sits just above her tail (upraised in invitation rather than threat) which parts the skirt in back clearly showing she wears no panties.    Shamira © Reto Roth.
The black furred jackal Fahqad'zir makes love to Tyl, a snow white vixen.  His large red canine phallus drives deep into her spread sex.  His growing knot threatening to open her even wider.  The blue eyed, red haired girl still wears her dark blue cheerleaders uniform.  It does little to cover her however with the top pushed up to expose the hard nipples protruding from her large breasts and her panties slipped down about her left ankle.  Her right foot is raised to play her toes through Fahd's chest fur while he reaches down to caress her right breast and strokes her inner thigh.
This tan furred doe kneels on a bed with her legs spread wide.  Her big brown eyes look back at the viewer as her body is arched with her wrists cuffed to her ankles.  A golden dildo rises from a purple base sitting between her feet to spear her spread sex.  Yellow straps holding a large red ball gag in ber mouth criss cross her head and contrast with the purple bow sitting between her cervine ears.    Falena © Bob Hershey
A pair of harem girls have been sent to the palace basement to service the resident tentacle monster.  The skunk rests on the floor leaning in to the tentacle.  Her open mouth samples the juices from one as others wrap around her, teasing her nipple and penetrating her bared sex.  Her translucent harem pants and jewelry only augment her beautiful fur and red hair.  Standing in the doorway stretching to grasp two of the glowing orbs that keep the monster inside a calico cat opens her legs for a pair of tentacles to fill her.  Daphanous green material makes up her small skirt top and veil revealing every detail of her body beneath.
A raccoon girl basks in the glow from her flat screen computer monitor. She's been TSing on the muck and is really getting into it. Her breasts are exposed by her unbuttoned shirt and she has her left paw is shoved into her little panties to play with herself.
Ken Cougar and Sydney Fisher's children Tracer and Traci skinny dip in a back yard pool.  Tracer is the first of the teenagers in the water.  His arms flail through the air as he jumps feet first from the diving board.  His charcoal and pink member flops out from a thick tuft of white hair while one foot makes contact with the water.  His grey and white markings follow his father's fur pattern with just a patch of orange on his throat and his rounded ears showing off his mixed heritage.  Behind him  Traci gets ready to join her younger brother.  Pulling off a soft yellow robe and slipping free of orange sandals she shows off her tall curvaceous body.  Below her neck her pitch black fur is broken only by pink nipples and a hint of color at her crotch.  Grey fur highlights her face and throat.  Light blue eyes sparkle behind a black striped muzzle.    Characters © Mark Merlino
Mirandora sleeps nude laying face up with her legs spread to either side of a red pool float.    Mirandora © Dean Norton.
A male raccon floats in purple mist entwined in translucent tentacles.  A pair of eyestalks raise from between his legs for a good look at the one enguphing his spurting cock.
Licking up the top of her skunk boy friend's rampant member this jerboa has just brought him to climax. Spurt after spurt of his thick white seamen shoots from the tip of his penis to land before her blue eyes on her muzzle in this close-up. Her grey furred left hand holds the base of his shaft and one testicle. The other testicle is supported by her right thumb above two fingers pushed into his anus. Her red heart shaped pendant lies on his belly below her chin.
Mirandora poses, leaning against some logs, wearing an opened white shirt about her shoulders and a necklace of green beads.    Mirandora © Dean Norton.
Having both gotten jobs as servants at a mansion Tracer and Traci share he work.  Tracer stands with his firm rear to the viewer, tail raised, wearing only the smallest of thongs.  A black stripe runs down the grey cougar fur of his back.  He turns his body toward his sister as he holds up an expensive vase for her to brush off with her feather duster.  Traci uses her right hand to do this while her left tries to pull down the hem of the skirt of her tiny maid's uniform.  Her thick tail holds the cloth up enough so the viewer can see she has no under ware however.  A frilled panel tied with thin straps about her bountiful chest makes up the rest of her costume. An ornate brass and marble stand sits between them ready for the vase's return.    Characters © Mark Merlino.
Shamira did NOT want Abikan to take her picture in this position.  The blonde skunk girl is tied up in bed laying back on a couple large pillows.  Her hands and feet are cuffed and held in the air with ropes attached to a hook in the wall over the bed, keeping her wide spread.  Another rope holding her tail down insures her nether regions are available for use.  And used they have been.  She is visibly aroused despite the scathing look she gives the viewer from behind the ball gag in her mouth.  The vibrator laying on the bed among other sex toys is still dripping wet.  Gold rings decorate her left nostril and nipple as well as her navel and right labia.  (See PAYBACK)    Shamira © Reto Roth.
Tara Hunter, he giant green eyed, white haired red vixen was intrigued by the rooftop restaurant on his office building and leaned in for a closer look leaving a nose print on the window.  Standing back she laughs and points at the two large holes her breasts punched in the side of the building.  Shards of broken glass grace the white fur on the upper expanse of her more than ample breasts.  Below humans and morphs run for cover but a couple vehicles were not quick enough to avoid her tread.    TARA © Richard Sokolnicki.
Shan eyes a dripping wet Skip as she sits in his tent drying her hair with a towel.  Her nipples are clearly visible through her soaked pink t-shirt.  She also wears green shorts.    From the story FUZZY LOGIC. Characters © Brian Miller.
Brenda's twin sister.  A three pose nude character sheet of a female skunk.  She has a reverse fur pattern.  Jenny is predominantly white with a wide black stripe running from her pink nose, up her forehead, down her back to the tip of her tail.  She also has black boots and gloves extending down from knee and elbows.  Her shoulder length hair is raven black and her eyes dark blue.    Jenny © Richard Sokolnicki.
A three pose nude character sheet of a grey female wolf. She has white glove and boot markings as well as a white tail tip and more white on her lower face, neck, chest, belly and inner thighs. Tan fur graces the top of her muzzle and above her golden eyes. Curly brown hair flows down her back to within a few inches of her tail.    Jill Masters © Richard Sokolnicki.
The fennec Bilail has been exile to a remote jungle planet as entertainment for the lone soldier stationed there.  This blue eyed girl has dyed purple lightning bolts and orange stars on her belly and legs.  Her hair is spiky green and the rims of her large ears completely studded with various piercings as well as an ID tag.  She wears only bright green bands about the ankles, wrists and throat sporting d-rings.  Currently she is being used by a male Egyptian Mongoose.  His pet boa is hanging from an overhanging tree branch with one coil wrapped just below Bilail's breasts.  It is slowly raising her up and down it's masters large erection.  The solder lies back on a tree stump supporting himself with one hand on the ground as the other caresses the fennec.  He wears a camo tank top and white wrist band with three orange stripes showing his rank.  The mongoose has his eyes fixed on Bilail's tits but she is looking up at the snake.  Not sure if she should be scared or excited.
A female raccoon with a complicated VR sex setup.  Left flank view.  She is on knees and elbows, her torso resting on a narrow padded box.  A small device coming from the box stimulates her left nipple.  Her face is turned to the viewer but her eyes are hidden by goggles.  A string of saliva leads from her open mouth to the dildo mounted on a track before her.  She grips a penis shaped joy-stick in her left hand.  A vibrating egg on a telescoping pole rests against her inner thigh.  A large vibrator on a mechanical arm fills her pussy as a smaller one is just pushing into her anus.  A padded pipe holds her tail away from her body and lubricant drips on her ass from a small nozzle.
A snow leopardess yowls as her orgasm hits. She squats over the modified metal frame of a three legged stool. The seat has been removed and a pair of hand grips and a large vibrator mounted along the top rim. She is raising and lowering herself with the humming plastic phalus burried deep between her legs. Her generous breast tipped with hard pink nipples bounce in front of her as green eyes startng to roll up.
A companion piece to GEYSER, this closeup shows a blonde, green eyed skunk on his back happily licking his girl friend’s clit. His right hand reaches around her rump, under the jerboa’s tail to work a translucent blue vibrator into her pussy, centimeters from his nose.
The star of this three pose character sheet is a golden furred vixen.  A thick crop of curly redish brown hair sits atop her head above green eyes.  Her fur pattern includes black ears, gloves and boots as well as markings on each side of her white muzzle.  A jagged black line also seperates the golden fur of her upper tail from the white tip.  Her cheeks, throat, chest, belly and inner thighs are covered in white fur.    Lilly © Richard Sokolnicki.
A giant feline female arches her back and yowls in ecstasy against a glass office building.  Long golden hair falls over her shoulder and wraps the pert nipple of one full breast as she writhes in the parking lot with her legs wide spread.  Blue straps attach to a harness keeping a male cougar/jaguar mix buried feet first up to his chest in her spasming sex.  Gallons of her love juices spill around him and onto the ground while he pulls the fleshy cover back from her engourged clit and licks it with his rough tongue.
A blonde skunk macro has decided to have her own sort of fun at an amassment park.  She is on hands and knees in the splash-pond of a log ride.  A portion of the flume has collapsed below her and she has taken it's place along the final drop on the ride.  One log/car is currently wedged in her vagina, an occupant still struggling to get out.  A family of tigers appear to be about to join him as their log rushes toward her.  Lots of detail.
A tan, blue eyed bunny with long curly brown trusses stands with her hands behind her back smiling at the viewer. The sheer pink front-laced crop top does nothing to conceal the nipples on her full breasts. The crotchless panties are even more revealing, surrounding her exposed sex with lace hearts. The lace is hung with five gold heart charms and held with golden chains around her shapely hips. The tips of her long ears hanging down well below her shoulders are each graced with a pair of gold rings.
A three pose nude character sheet of a female skunk.  She has a reverse fur pattern.  Maxine is predominantly white with two black stripes running from her pink nose, up her forehead, down her back to the tip of her tail.  She also has black boots and gloves extending down from knee and elbows.  Her waste long hair is raven black and her eyes light blue.    Maxine © Richard Sokolnicki.
A three pose nude character sheet of a green eye female skunk.  Whereas most skunks' fur is black Melanies' is the bright red of a fox.  Otherwise the pattern of her fur is rather standard with white fur covering her lower jaw and cheeks, running down her neck and widening out at her chest.  The edges of the white pattern travel down her breasts, bisecting her nipples and crosses her flat belly and down the inside of her shapely thighs half way to her knees.  It also extends back to cover the portion of her ass beneath her luxurious tail and joins the stripe running down the bottom side of her tail.  A wider stripe graces the top of her tail and joins with one running up her back, through her long and slightly wild head hair to the tip of her pink nose.    Melanie © Richard Sokolnicki.
Mirandora dressed as a mermaid swims in profile underwater wearing only a hair ribbon.    Mirandora © Dean Norton.
A giant female red panda reclines in a public swimming pool.  Only her massive head, breasts and knees rise above the surface.  The rest of her lovely body is partly obscured by the rippling water.  She looks bemused at the small male mouse in red trunks who is about to plunge from the high dive platform down between her wide spread legs.
A three pose nude character sheet of a female kaibab squirrel. Except for a white ring around each blue eye Nadia's entire body is covered short thick charcoal grey fur making her pink nose and nipples stand out in stark contrast. They are nothing however compared to the beacon of her bright white tail. It is marred only by a bit of grey where it meets her back, a dark red stripe running down her back connects the two. A thick mop of blonde ringlets falls from her head to the middle of her back.    Nadia © Richard Sokolnicki.
First featured with her sister Nicky in the print TRAFFIC JAM this playful reddish brown mouse morph has golden green eyes and long white hair.  The wide white stripe reaching from her chin down to her inner thighs covers all but the outer edges of her ample breasts.  A three pose character study.    Nicole © Richard Sokolnicki.
Nude pose.  The blonde haired vixen Keshanti (aka Shan) lies curled on her side looking at the viewer.  This is a low angle perspective view.  Her head is toward the viewer, her hands clasped behind her neck.  Her legs can be seen puled up behind her, her tail curled around them.    From the story FUZZY LOGIC. Shan © Brian Miller.
Azreal and Julie Rayne put on a sex show at a space station bar.  Azreal the civet, dressed only in long red and white striped stockings and a green slave collar, lies on her side drooling at the edge of the stage.  The ocelot Julie straddles one of Azreals legs rubbing her own moist sex along the stocking.  Julie has the civet's other leg held over her shoulder keeping her well spread so she can penetrate her with two fingers.  A matching collar and large glasses are Julies only adornments.  A bank of video screens at the back of the stage offer a variety of close-ups of the action in progress.   Characters © Robert L. Schiliff
Amelie La Toole is off work and looking to score.  This purple haired Somali cat leans her elbows back on the space port bar and licks her lips while her bespecled green eyes scan the room for prospects.  Who will it be tonight?  Some nice rich starfleet officer, a delegate or maybe a tourist?  She is dressed to impress in a very short fine mesh pull-over that only emphasizes her only undergarment is a tiny pink g-string.  Matching cords wrap her digitigrade feet and ankles.  A pink purse is held in one hand, the opposite wrist circled by a bracelet matching her choker.  A green hoop earring in her right ear finishes the ensombel.    Amelie © Robert L. Schiliff
Pamela Knight, a fully exposed giant skunk with reverse fur pattern carefully steps over a freeway overpass.  Unfortunately her right foot rests on a crushed bus.  She looks down in suprise as her left hand rests on an apartment tower.  Stress crack radiate out from her hand.    Pamela © Richard Sokolnicki.
A male skunk with blonde hair and green eyes lies face down clutching a green pillow, his ass held high.  He wears ankle cuffs with d-rings.  His dripping member sports a cock ring with ball spreader.  A cord leading from his unseen collar is tied near the base of his tail holding it away from his body.  His jerboa girl friend sits on the ground next to him.  Her left hand is being used to spread his ass-cheeks wide while in her right hand she grasps a butt plug. She has gray fur, blue eyes, tan head hair and wears only a red heart shaped pendant.
The sequel to I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS...  Abakan is now wearing the ball gag and his hands are cuffed and tied together in front of him as he lies face down across Shamira's lap and the bed.  She is sitting on the edge of the bed with the base of his tail gripped firmly in her right hand baring his ass for the paddle held in her left.  The camera Abakan was using earlier sits among their sex toys on the bed.    Characters © Reto Roth.
The very first picture of Shamira.  Abakan, a male red squirrel kneels as he penetrates his skunk lover Shamira, laying back on a pile of pillows.  She has blonde hair and blue-green eyes.  Her right hand strokes around her sex as her left strokes Abakan's face.  He is sucking on two of her fingers.  He is completely nude while her form is festooned with jewelry.  Rings pierce her nose, navel and left nipple.  The last having a bell hanging from it.  She also has a colection of bracelets, anklets, a jeweled waste chain, earrings and a web of facial chains.  She is looking at the viewer, licking her lips.    Characters © Reto Roth.
A nude macro raccoon squats facing the viewer in the a playground at a city park.  Her right hand is steadied against a four storied play rocket.  The rocket's nose is just buried in her vagina and slick with her juices.  Her left hand is playing with her breast, the nipple poking out between two fingers.  Wind whips her long brown hair.
A female otter stripper lays back on her tail with knees in the air facing the audience up-side-down as she pulls a pasty from her left nipple leaving her wearing only a green collar with a gold charm.  Various bit of her costume are strewn about the stage.
A nude otter girl dives through a murky lake trailing long blonde hair and bubbles.
A female pine martin lies back amidst a scattering of pillows on a bed. She is completely nude except for a large pair of glasses and the cuffs padlocking her hands to the bedframe over her head. Her pinkish-purple eyes look up at the viewer as she smiles and spreads her legs in clear invitation. Nothing conceals her lush body covered in reddish brown fur. The inner swells of her prominent breasts sport a patch of yellow fur and each mound is topped by a pink tumescent nipple. On the bed stand is a glass of water, the padlock keys, a tube of lubricant and several condoms.
This shy husky/fox mix has grey and white fur as well as long reddish brown hair.  Looking out across a shiny black nose her deep blue eyes rest below a pair of black ears.  Her thick tail ends in a white tip.  A three pose nude character study.    Renee © Richard Sokolnicki.
A lovely leopardess is locked within a small cadge of heavy bars.  She kneels with her legs wide spread and a sex toy running on a track built into he cell floor thrust deep into her.  She grips the bars above her, arches her back and screams while her juices drip from the device.  She wears a leather collar with a ring in the center of her throat.  A ring pierces her right nipple.  The thin chain drags her breast down as her position pulls it tight.  The other end leads to a vertical piercing in her distended clitoris.  A second short chain attached below her clit is linked to the base of the toy preventing her from rising off it.
A wolf hangs belly down from a series of steel cables attached to a black leather harness and straps around his stomach and legs.  His hands are tied behind his back, his tail held up and away from his body by a series of straps and a spreader bar locked to ankle cuffs keep his legs wide apart.  Three vixen are having their way with him.  One stand before him licking his nose and pleasuring herself with one hand as he licks her breast.  A second kneeling below him is stroking his balls and knotted penis while holding the tip in her mouth so his pre-cum dribbles onto her tongue.  The third stands between his legs.  Her right hand rests on his rump and holds the speed control for a large vibrator she is inserting into his anus.  An air pump and fluid injector hang from the base of its handle.
A blonde skunk fem kneels, legs spread wide and hands clasped behind her neck.  She is smiling at the viewer as she shows off her assets.  Four gold piercings decorate her body.  Plain rings are set in her nose and navel while bells hang from her left nipple and right labia.    Shamira © Reto Roth
A  nude cabbit girl reclines on a round bed inviting the viewer to join her.
A companion piece to RINSE OFF.  A coyote girl wearing a small yellow bikini hooks her thumbs into the straps holding up her top and bears her fur to the spray of a public shower.  A nipple is exposed to the viewer as she tries to clean a day's accumulation of salt and sand from her chest.  The price one pays for a day at the beach.
A grey furred wolf bitch lies back on a bed, her wide spread legs to the viewer.  Hark hair spreads across the pillow.   Her tongue lolls in her open mouth and her eyes are rolled back as the remnants of orgasm continue to course through her body.  The vibrator she has been pleasing herself with has slipped from her gaping womanhood to lie wetly on her tail. A golden chain circles her waste and a string of red beads her left ankle.  Otherwise she is gloriously nude.
A black jackal princess sits on her throne on Egypt legs splayed and running the growing shaft of Khalfani between her toes.  The striped hyena with flowing white hair is playing the part of a slave for his lover.  Kneeling nude except for a collar and leather cuffs.  Anuket is wearing little more. Just jewelry and a transparent skirt she is holding aside.  She lifts the hyena's chin with a decorative crook so their eyes will meet.
Shamira the blonde skunk morph has just had her clit pierced.  She still sits in the parlor chair holding the shiny gold ring with the thumb and fore finger of her left hand as she looks sown at it.  Her right foot rests on the seat spreading her wide for the viewer's inspection.  One button still holds a lavender skirt about her waste.  The matching panties are around her left knee.  The short translucent pink shirt tied between her breasts does little to hide the ring in her left nipple.  Other rings can also be seen in her navel and left nostril.    Shamira © Reto Roth.
Mirandora's red headed twin kneels on the beach before a setting sun.  Her hands are in her hair and she is wearing only a mall pair of green bikini bottoms.    Smoky © Dean Norton.
A female rabbit with mottled brown fur pushes herself through a hole in the 'floor' of a spacecraft.  Her large brown eyes look above and the brown hair not trapped under her green and blue spacesuit cap drifts in the light gravity.  Her chest is loosely encased in a brief zippered vest of green netting leaving her nipples exposed.  A similar waist band holds her pink panties.  A yellow belt and orange cuffs keep bits of a suits' environmental plumbing in place.
Graphic violence!  The foot of a tiger macro is about to step out of frame.  In the large footprint left behind in the asphalt are the bloody and broken remains of three victims killed by his tread. Blood and body parts drip from the foot and an arm is caught between two of its' toes. (See General Prints for part 1)
The bunny from 'Pool Play' sits on the edge of a bed wearing a strap-on dildo.  It is impaling Abakan in the ass as she holds him to her with her left arm and strokes his cock with her right hand.  She is licking his neck.  To the left Shamira stands holding his right leg high in the air and sucking his toes.  To the right a female cougar wearing only glasses and a gold hoop earring supports his left leg across her back while grabbing his butt with her right hand and fingering herself with her left.    Abakan and Shamira © Reto Roth.
A ring tailed lovely looks up at you from her blanket on the beach.  Her red hair spreads out behind her big blue eyes, partially hidden by purple sun glasses.  She has undone the knot tying the front of her green bikini top closed.  The small bit of cloth falling away to reveal her left breast.  A small blue cooler sits half on the blanket to one side as a tipped over bottle of fur care lotion spills into the sand on the other.  A small blue and orange vial hangs from a cord about her neck.
An overhead shot shows the mouse slave Chimi sleeping face up on a pile of pillows.  She wears her collar, hair band, tail ring and an gold band around her upper left arm.  The rest of her clothes lie beneath her on the pillows.  Her mouth is open and her right hand strokes the outer edges of her labia.  Wonder what she is dreaming about.
Tanj, the cheetah sex slave, kneels in the proper position next to her master.  Her hands are (tied?) behind her back, knees wide spread, back straight and head bowed.   But her eyes are raised as she smiles at the viewer.  She wears only her piercings in labia, clit and nipples plus a collar.  Her master, the lion, stands next to her nude.  He strokes her waste length platinum blonde hair with his right hand a holds a leash leading to her collar in his left.    characters © Kittiara
A three pose nude character sheet of a big-breasted-vixen.  Rust red fur covers much of her curvaceous form. White belly fur runs from the tip of her black nose, spreading across her cheeks, down her neck, chest (to the outside of her large nipples) and stomach and ending half way down her inner thighs above the knees.  A pattern of black fur marks the sides of her muzzle and outside her bright green eyes.  Tara also has black boot and glove markings to match her black ears.  Long curly platinum blond hair cascades down from her head to just above her lush tail which ends in a large white tip.    Tara © Richard Sokolnicki.
A green eyed red furred skunk fem lies back on a pillow.  Her right leg is raised up and draped across her raccoon lover allowing him access to penetrate her as he lies beside her licking her right breast and fondling her left.
A golden furred squirrel girl kneels facing the viewer, her hands carressing two tentacles.  One passing in front of her body the other wrapping around he large right breast.  Other tentacles coming from the creature behind her wrap around the base of her tail and caress her inner thighs.  Some have small tongues at their tips.  One of these licks her forehead and another her clit as a third pulls back from her rigid left nipple, still connected by a string of saliva.  Still another tentacle dripping with her juices fills her vagina.   On the creature two eye stalks look from around the silky cloud of her tail and his tonge hangs from his open mouth.   The squirrel's own mouth smiles as she looks at the viewer from hooded green eyes.
The giant skunk Brenda poses nude with one foot resting on the roof of an ice cream factory.  Her right hand holds a delivery truck with its' back doors popped open.  She is licking her left index finger.
A pair of macro skunk babes having fun with a woodie.  The blonde sits on the crushed track at the bottom of a hill with legs well spread as her red headed partner grasps the passenger filed roller coaster train and shoves it down the rails into the first skunk's pussy.  The kneeling red head also reaches out her other hand to squeeze her friend's plump breast.  Highly detailed!
A giant nude tigress runs amok on a military base.  Her left foot rests on an overturned tank body.  Its' turret lies near by.  The shell exploding against her leg only makes her mad.  She looks to be ready to through the crushed APC in her right hand at the tank firing the shot.  Meanwhile the Bradley's crew are falling to their deaths as a pair of helicopters move in from behind over a crushed warehouse and burning office building.
Night scene.  Two giant female mice reek havoc at a toll stop.  The one in the foreground squatting down has ripped the roof off a row of toll booths and is picking up a bus.  A car is crushed under her foot.  Behind her, her sister holds a police car in one hand while stomping more vehicles.  Explicit nudity.    Nikki & Nicole © Richard Sokolnicki.
A three pose nude character sheet of a female skunk.  Like her sisters she has a reverse fur pattern.  Trixie is predominantly white with a black muzzle and a single black stripe running from her pink nose, up her forehead, down her back to the tip of her tail.  She also has black boots and gloves extending down from knee and elbows.  Her long wild raven black hair is accented with a splash of white in front.  Her eyes are a deep blue.    Trixie © Richard Sokolnicki.
The macro red haired skunk from THRILL RIDE is back to cause more mayhem at the amusement park.  This time she sits on the ground with in front of the Tunnel Of Love ride entrance with her legs spread to either side of the water flume.  She licks her lips and looks down through sultry silver eyes at the boat she is lowly working into her vagina.  Her left hand rubs a second boat against her inner thigh.  The wall she leans against is starting to collapse.  Her right foot has smashed through a foot bridge and now rests in the water blocking other boats.
Julie Rayne is hallucinating and this time she has pulled her two friends Azreal an Bilail into the dream.  Exploring in a swamp and fallen victim to a giant fur-eating plant.  The monster has Julie (an ocelot) trapped inside a slowly closing pod.  The plant's many long bulbous headed tendrils have pulled off all of Julie's clothes, leaving her with just her glasses and slave collar, and are now penetrating her.  Her friends are not doing much better, but are still being stripped.  Azreal, the civet a tendril stuffed down her throat as another curls about her neck.  A third squeezes her right breast and toys with a nipple.  Bilail is still fighting but the punk fennec has been hauled upside down.  The plant is holding her legs spread wide as one tendril takes her vaginaly and other dripping pseudopods move in on her mound.    Characters © Robert L. Schiliff
Tanj, the cheetah sex slave lies back against a padded cushion wrapped about a pipe just above the floor of a tiled room.  Her arms are spread to the sides and cuffed to the pipes.  Ropes leading to her ankle cuffs similarly keep her legs spread.  Her tail is strapped down to the floor and before her rises a pole with an orange plastic fish mounted atop it.  Streams of water are spit from the fishes mouth.  They arch through the air to land squarely on her spread sex.  A set of thin chains leading from her ankle cuffs clip to the rings piercing her labia and spreading her lips wide.  Another chain lays between her pierced mounds of her breasts to clip her collar to her swollen clit.     Tanj © Kittiara
Tanj, the cheetah sex slave, is ready for all comers.  She is suspended on tip toes by a chain leading to a belt about her waste.  The cuff half way up her tail clipped to the chain assures easy access to her dilated and dripping ass and pussy.  The leather binder about her lower arms and hands locked to the chain and the leash leading from her collar to the adjustable spreader bar between her cuffed ankles keeps her bent over toward a stool in front of her.  Tanj's head is hanging down allowing her long blonde hair to touch the ground as she smiles back at the viewer through a ring gag.  She is adorned with a gold ring in each labia, a string of beads between her nipple and a jewel dangling from her pierced clitoris by another short string of beads.  The stool, spreader bar and floor are all splattered with cum.  The clipboard on the wall reads 'Sign-up for TROUBLE'.  There's room for a few more names.    Tanj © Kittiara
A nude wolf slave sits on the brick covered ground and grabs the straps attached to the post her collar is locked to behind him.  Between her spread legs moisture can be seen oozing from her ready sex.  She smiles as she looks at another slave out of picture.
A nude wolf slave kneels on the brick covered ground and grabs the straps attached to the post his collar is locked to behind him.  Pre-cum trickles from his erect shaft.  A green cord tied beneath his knot keeping him hard.  He smiles at another slave out of view.
Zig Zag, the tiger striped skunk porn queen, has been asked to endorse a new sex toy so she is trying it out.  Sitting on a yellow and red stripped cushion on the edge of a blue padded bench she is leaning back on one hand  and keeping her legs spread wide by placing her right foot on the container the ErotiBox came in.  The device sitting on the floor below her consist of a large pink housing with two large dongs on adjustable piston mounts coming out the top at an angle.  The smooth green one is pushed up her ass while the blue attachment with the protruding clit stimulator spreads her cunt well.   Her blue eyes are smiling down at the stimulator as it nears her swollen love button. The remote control is in her right hand.  All dials turned to full.    Zig Zag © Max the Black Rabbit.
A female jaguar lies against the padded headboard of a bed aboard a starship.  She look at a nebula out the window while idly stroking a non-morphic siamese cat sitting on the bed.  She wears only a short black trimmed robe.  It is not tied and her right breast is totally exposed.  The robe is so sheer as to make this a moot point however.
A brown and grey wolf morph sits in the pilot's seat of an orbiting space shuttle programming the computer.  Nearby a lightly striped grey digitigrade cat morph floats behind the empty commander's chair steadying herself with her left hand on the head rest.  A data tablet is held in her right hand but her attention is on her lover.   She makes no attempt to cover the thre pair of stif nipples poking through her chest fur signifying the beginning of her heat.  The shuttle cockpit is a derivative of NASA's new 'glass cockpit' but the hatch under the center console clearly marks this as another vehicle.  A variation of this picture (sans-nipples) titled SHUTTLE-G can be found in my GENERAL AUDIANCE PRINTS.
Rogue is causing more trouble in Victomville.  He is sitting in the middle of a down town street stuffing a hand full of town folk in his mouth.  His other hand is reaching for those trapped in the canyon between his outstretched legs.  Rogue is obviously enjoying himself as he is sporting an erection.    Rogue © his player
The ocelot slave girl Julie lays spread out on a darkly opulent dining table holding a bottle of ketchup in one hand and mustard in the other.  Winfield, a young serval squats between her legs penetrating her but his attention at the moment is on the french fries he is eating from a basket on her belly.  She is trying to bend her head down to nibble an onion ring from a bowl sitting above her mustard smeared tits.  Characters © Robert L. Schiliff
In a dark corner a bat winged demon-wolf and a skunk slave belly dance wearing veils, and little else.  Shafts of light come down through a grating above and a brazier burns near by.  Amorra © Sammax
A female macro cougar and raccoon race hand in hand to stomp the tiny city below with their masive feet.
A masive female cougar pauses from her destructive romp to extract a passanger train that has become lodged between her toes.  Includes 4 close-up window views.
Fyry Fyang the black footed ferret sorceress has a bit of airborne fun with her friend Fukyudaya the oriental dragon.   Characters © Robert L. Schiliff
Emily the macro arctic vixen nonchalantly wanders the the city leaving a trail of destruction behind her.  Includes 4 close-up detail frames.  Character © Philip Morgan
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